MOST Dangerous Volcanoes On Earth!

Date: 2020-04-30 11:45:00


The worst volcanic eruptions on the planet! From the Mexican summit that melts glaciers to Washington’s 500 thousand-year-old peak.

#7 Kelud Volcano

Since 1000 AD, over 30 eruptions have come from the Indonesian Kelud Volcano of East Java. Known for explosively emitting lava and hot mudflows, this volcano last erupted in February of 2014, an occurrence that shattered the lava dome covering its crater and launching boulders and stones up to 310 miles away. This explosive eruption caused around 76 thousand inhabitants to flee their homes, with just 3 casualties reported from either inhaling ash or having their homes collapse under the weight of the vast amounts of ash. It took just over a week for the volcano’s alert status to drop to a safe level, after which officials calculated damages to the 12,304 buildings affected by the volcanic debris, estimating a cost of around 5.5 million dollars in repairs.

#6 Mount Hood

Just 50 miles outside of Portland, Oregon sits one of the most popular tourist stops for snowboard and ski-enthusiasts in the Pacific Northwest. But behind the veneer of cozy log cabins and challenging slopes lies the potentially active stratovolcano of Mount Hood. With an elevation of 11,249 feet above sea level, this frigid mountain is home to a dozen named glaciers and snowfields and holds the honor of being the highest point in the state. Mount Hood hasn’t had even a minor eruption since August of 1907, so many are quick to consider the summit as being dormant. However, in the last 3 decades, factors like earthquake swarms and the emittance of fumaroles have kept scientists from ruling out a future eruption. The mountain maintains a population of less than 300, however its role in the snow-sport industry draws tourists annually, which could pose an issue should this volcano ever actually explode!