MOST Dangerous Mountains On Earth!

Date: 2020-02-06 13:45:01


The world’s most hazardous mountains! From the towering peaks of the Andes and Alps to the treacherous summits of the Himalayas.

#12 Cerro Torre
One of the most dangerous mountains among the Chilean Andes is Cerro Torre, which translates from Spanish to “Hill Tower”. This summit was supposedly first climbed in 1959 by the mountaineers Cesare Maestri and Toni Egger, but this climb has been the topic of debate for decades. Upon his return, Maestri claimed to have completed the journey, but evidence of this accomplishment had been lost in an accident that also claimed the life of Egger. Subsequent climbs never found bolts, pitons, or other evidence supporting this initial climb. Other lives have been lost attempting the ascent since then, and the first undisputed climb didn’t occur until 1974.
#11 Washington
Though it may be the tallest mountain in the Northeast United States, at an elevation of just 6,288 feet New Hampshire’s Mt. Washington has been labeled by many climbers as the most lethal small mountain on the planet. Since 1849, almost 150 people have met their end while attempting to conquer this New England peak. The majority of these unfortunate demises have been attributed to poor planning as Mt. Washington is much colder with harsher conditions than much of the Northwest. Among all the climbers to fall victim to the elements, perhaps the most famous is the late William Buckingham Curtis. Curtis was highly influential in the establishment of organized sports as an accomplished competitor, official, administrator, and sports editor, earning him the posthumous nickname “the father of American amateur athletics.” But in 1900, while attempting to climb Mount Washington in the middle of a snowstorm, Curtis met his end due to exhaustion.