MOST AMAZING Secret Discoveries!

Date: 2019-07-04 12:15:00


The world’s most incredible discoveries! From a mysterious ancient text passed from owner to owner to the Picasso masterpiece with a hidden origin

#6 The Crouching Beggar

The works of Pablo Picasso are highly coveted, not just in the world of art but across all aspects of society with the acclaimed painter being one of the most famous artists of all time. His “Blue Period” in particular is prominent for its unique consistency, sullen moods, and monochromatic coloration. But one of his pieces from this period was especially unique in that it hid a treasure that went undetected for years after its conception. A painting called The Crouching Beggar, painted in 1902, features a gloomy woman wrapped in cloths, crafted in the blues and greens that personified his blue period. Textures within the painting, however, tipped off art scholars that some other painting might lie beneath Picasso’s work. With the help of x-ray technology, Northwestern University’s Centre for Scientific Studies in Arts was able to uncover the original art — a landscape painting of Barcelona. From this picture, researchers were able to glean that Picasso had utilized contours of the prior picture to shape his painting, but further reasoning behind why he used the Barcelona painting as a canvas is still up for debate. The origin of this initial art piece is unknown, and while it is a remarkable discovery for art historians, it wasn’t the only layer found during their x-rays. The first draft of The Crouching Beggar was also found beneath the surface of the final masterpiece. So while his blue period evokes a sense of depression in the masterful artist, Picasso was at least mindful enough to not waste his painting supplies!