Money Mistakes to Avoid in 20s so You’re Richer by 30

Date: 2021-06-01 06:55:14


When it comes to money, many of us commit mistakes that result in zero savings, credit card debts and failed plans. Here’s a list of money mistakes to avoid in your 20s that’ll allow you to be more successful and smarter with money later in life. One of them: you don’t need to move out from your parents’ house when you’re young. More money tips are coming your way!

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0:00 Are trips with friends really worth it?
0:52 Money-saving tips for college students
1:50 Are degrees or internships better?
2:30 Ice-cream can help!
3:18 When should you move out of your parents’ house
4:32 Subscription fees add up!
5:16 Know your worth when accepting a new job
5:58 How to raise your credit score

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