Messages From Earth – Pioneer Carries Message Across the Stars

Date: 2021-09-14 01:29:56


Pioneer 10 would travel through the asteroid belt and head towards Jupiter, at speeds of up to 80,000 mph. It was thrown like a slingshot out of the solar system to explore the great beyond. On its way, it would collect data on our solar system that had never been gathered before. It would also carry the gold-plated Pioneer Plaque—a “galactic greeting card” for any extraterrestrial life that might find it.

The suggestion of a message on Pioneer 10 was brought to Dr. Carl Sagan mere months before launch—a staggeringly brief period in the timescale of the design and test of spacecraft. Sagan passed along the idea to NASA, and to his surprise, the suggestion was embraced and approved by every level of the hierarchy. At that, Sagan joined Professor Frank Drake of Cornell University and, Sagan’s then-wife, artist Linda Salzman Sagan, to craft this extraterrestrial message. How would this great undertaking be fulfilled? What would we say? What in our roughly five-thousand-year recorded history needs to be said to tell the universe who we are? And how would we say it?

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