Megalodon vs Biggest Sea Dinosaur in Ultimate Showdown

Date: 2021-02-06 03:00:05


Today, we’re going deep into the dark parts of the ocean for the ultimate showdown. It’s Megalodon against one of the biggest sea reptiles that ever existed: Shonisaurus. Time to see how these prehistoric giants stack up against each other!

The odds look like they’re in Megalodon’s favor. The gigantic shark had 5 rows of over 250 razor-sharp teeth and the strongest bite-force of any creature that ever lived on this planet, way more than a Great White Shark or even T-Rex!

Shonisaurus had no teeth, was smaller in size, and some theories say the giant squid legend Kraken had something to do with this prehistoric reptile’s disappearance! But maybe Shony can defeat the ultimate terror of the sea with a little help from her friends? Eight rounds and only one winner. Who will it be?


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