Make Your Computer 3x Faster with a Single Shortcut

Date: 2022-03-19 13:00:00


Is your computer slowing down? Before you spend hundreds of thousands on a new computer, there’s something you can do to update your buddy. There’re several tips to speed up your computer, make it run faster and better. How about up to 3 times faster?

Check your hard disk space: make sure you keep at least 15% of your hard disk space free. In this video I’m gonna teach you how to do it. Also remove all the programs you don’t use and don’t forget to empty recycling bin.


Temporary cache 00:00
Remove big files 01:08
Startup 01:40
If the Dock annoys you 02:15
Draw the Apple logo 02:38
Typing dictation function 02:50
Some program froze 03:15
Magnifier app 03:53
Action Center 04:30
Information online 05:00
Restore closed tabs 05:25
Google Translate 05:42
Virtual desktops 06:50
“Win” button 07:18
Smart folders 08:00
Web page scrolling 09:00

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