Look at the Bottom of a Bottle Before You Buy It

Date: 2022-04-03 16:00:00


When you’re thirsty, you go to the supermarket, grab a bottle of any water and drink it. Wait… there’s a huge mistake here: you shouldn’t grab ANY water from the shelf. The first thing to look at when you pick a bottle of water is the bottom. Turn it over and look for the recycle symbol with a number inside of it.

Those marks might seem meaningless but actually have plenty of information. I’m gonna tell you which marks indicate that the plastic this bottle is made of will most likely already be releasing dangerous chemicals. Those chemicals will penetrate into your drinks or food. You’ll also find here 12 other things you shouldn’t buy and why…


Supermarket shelf 00:00
The numbers meaning 00:49
Packs of bottles 01:36
How to pick cheese 02:02
How to choose fish 02:58
Picking meat 03:15
Choosing kiwis 04:04
Potato chips 05:03
The pink tax 06:00
Fruit stickers 06:35
Green potatoes 07:05
Buying coffee 07:44

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