Is Someone Tracking You and You Don’t Know About It? Find Out

Date: 2022-04-17 16:00:00


Is your gadget running out of battery in no time? Or maybe you find pictures and videos on your gadget that you don’t remember taking? What if you find bookmarks to suspicious websites in your browser? Well, I have bad news: someone’s watching your phone! But no worries, I’m gonna teach you all the tips to find out someone’s got control over your phone and how to deal with it.

Here’re 10 red flags you can’t ignore if you wanna keep your data safe. Make sure you know how to protect yourself, your gadget and you data from any unwanted guests!


Tracking your phone 00:00
Phone freeze 00:18
Different web design 00:34
Mess with phone camera 01:18
Expensive calls 02:03
Bookmarks 02:23
Strange noises or echo 03:00
Apps from the App Store 03:18
Tracking apps 03:59
Public Wi-Fi network 04:17
USP cable 04:50
Fishing message 05:16
iCloud 05:36
Applications you don’t use 06:26
Mobile security apps 06:46
Mobile data 07:15
Anti-malware software 07:40
Use strong password 08:00
Data backup 08:32

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