INSANE Weather On Other Planets

Date: 2019-02-14 15:15:01


The strangest, most incredible weather on other planets! From the lethal greenhouse gases of Venus to the treacherous storms of Jupiter and its moons

#11 Extreme Temps on Mercury
Weather on Mercury is fairly simplistic thanks to its near-complete lack of atmosphere, but it’s also to blame for Mercury’s extreme temperatures. As the closest planet to the sun it’s no wonder why Mercury would get extremely hot. But without an atmosphere, there is nothing to retain that heat on the surface of the planet. As a result, Mercury tends to range from over 800 degrees Fahrenheit to 290 degrees below Fahrenheit. So if you ever get to visit Mercury, you’ll have your choice of how to go out: petrified in solid ice or scorched to ash.
#10 Poison Acid Sauna on Venus
Almost as if compensating for its little buddy Mercury, Venus has an incredibly thick atmosphere composed of greenhouse gases, mostly carbon dioxide. Due to this dense air, Venus retains much more of the Sun’s radiation. This cooks the surface of the planet to a consistent 900 degrees Fahrenheit. And like a hellish rainforest, the heat is accompanied by super-corrosive sulfuric acid drizzling from the sky. Venus’s surface is so hot though, any rain evaporates before it can hit the ground…or explodes violently when the sulfuric acid makes contact with some water. One of the two. And if the acid and heat weren’t enough, Venus is also under intense pressure at 92 times the atmospheric pressure of Earth. Needless to say, no attempts to send a person to Venus have been made, and any probes that made it there couldn’t make it past a couple hours on that treacherous surface.