INCREDIBLE Aircraft Of The US Air Force

Date: 2021-03-16 04:24:35


Most amazing military aircraft in the U.S. Air Force! These interesting planes assist airmen and soldiers in doing their jobs!

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Since its introduction to the US military in 1978, the F-16 Fighting Falcon has become the most prolific military plane on the planet, with over 2200 produced for the US Air Force alone, and over 2500 delivered to other countries around the world. It is a multirole supersonic fighter that is not only highly maneuverable and effective in combat, but also provided a relatively cheap weapons system at $18.8 million per unit in 1998, although the price has since risen significantly. The F-16s incredible agility can perhaps best be appreciated with the fact that, alongside the F-15 Eagle, they are the world’s first aircraft that were able to withstand higher g-forces than the pilots themselves, demonstrating just why they have been so effective, and continue to be today.

With its distinctive and globally recognizable appearance, the F-15 Strike Eagle is a highly successful variant of the purely air-to-air F-15 series that has been adapted to also enable air-ground combat. In this capacity, it has been used for long-range, high-speed bombing and strafing missions against targets without the need for the escort that pure bombers require since its introduction in 1989. It has seen service in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and Libya, with 227 currently operational in the US Air Force.