In The Future, The Universe Will Be Invisible (Scientists Predict)

Date: 2022-01-26 08:19:02


Take a look at the night starry sky. What do you see? Thousands of shiny spots out there that seem absolutely static and stable. But in reality, stars are constantly moving. They’re just so far away that we can hardly notice that movement. In about 100,000 years there won’t be a constellation with the same shape or pattern as there is today.

What will remain in the Universe when Big Stars run out of fuel? What if our descendants in the far future will inherit a dim, dark universe? Let’s travel into the future and see what our Universe will look like…


Night Sky 00:00
Nuclear fusion reactions 00:38
Red dwarfs 01:27
The outer planets of Solar System 02:!5
How we got water 03:06
Andromeda 03:45
Galaxies merge 04:20
The Big Rip 04:40
The Big Crunch 05:35
Supermassive Black holes 07:16
Black holes radiate particles away 08:45

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