If You Touch This Beetle, You’ll Regret It Instantly

Date: 2020-12-03 03:00:10


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The world around us is so diverse that it seems it will never stop surprising us. Even if you’ve already seen a lot of things and you think there’s nothing that can surprise you, we will tell you about something that you’ve probably never heard of. Did you know, for example, that the stinger of an Asian giant hornet contains a really potent venom? Several stings from this insect can bring down even a large animal — and a human, too!

Or have you ever heard of a Texas red-headed centipede? Yes, let’s admit, all centipedes are terrifying. But that one has a voracious appetite, munching on toads, lizards, and an occasional rat. Sometimes, when desperate, they can even catch a bat right in the middle of a flight! Okay, today we’re talking about weird, dangerous, or just amazing bugs! Some facts will make your jaw drop.


Harlequin beetles 0:01
Squash bugs 0:52
Giraffe weevils 1:23
Monarch butterflies 1:50
Mealworm beetles 2:33
Tiger beetles 3:17
Picasso bugs 4:06
Pine processionary caterpillars 4:38
Asian giant hornets 5:21
Lonomia 6:07
Texas red-headed centipedes 6:51
The devil’s coach horse 7:43
Velvet ants 8:24
Puss moths 9:17

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