If You Think You’re Eating Real Banana, You’re Not

Date: 2021-02-18 15:00:09


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Ready for a shock? The fruit you call a “banana” has nothing to do with the real deal! 🍌 Real bananas in the wild have large seeds and very little pulp. But when you eat a banana, you can barely spot those seeds! It’s because most of us these days are chomping down on clones of the Cavendish variety. That special type was chosen because it’s seedless.

Oh yeah, and bananas are technically berries. Same goes for watermelons and oranges. It’s because their seeds are inside the flesh. Which makes strawberries and raspberries not true berries! By the way, oranges aren’t real either! Nature doesn’t make them – they’re a human invention! Everything you thought you knew about the food you eat is WRONG! Check it out for yourself! 🤯


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