If You See Those Clouds Over Your Head, Trouble’s Coming

Date: 2022-03-24 14:44:58


Some natural phenomena can amaze and destroy at the same time. Imagine you look up at the blue sky and suddenly see the clouds in form of… a scary face! Does it mean the most dangerous storm ever is gonna happen? Or maybe it’s a sign of lightning coming your way? It turns out, it’s neither of these options… Let’s find out what it really means.

In this video I’ve gathered the coolest natural phenomena ever. From ice filled with flammable gases to amazing lakes with acid water! You’ll witness a dirty thunderstorm and powerful rouge waves in the open sea… All the craziest stuff you may observe in water, land and air – gathered in one place.


The sky 00:00
Strange-shaped cloud 00:28
Centralia, Pennsylvania 01:05
Abraham lake 02:20
Island of Java 03:26
The sea 04:45
Scary clouds 05:52
Dirty thunderstorm 07:50
Atacama desert 08:24

– A few years ago, a skull formed out of thick smoke over Mount Vesuvius, in Italy;
– Centralia used to be a mining town. One of it’s coal mines was abandoned and locals used it as a dump for their trash. Then, according to most people, the city decided to get rid of the trash in the usual way, by burning it;
– Abraham Lake in Canada is completely frozen. It’s full of little bubbles, made up of methane;
– On the island of Java there’s a volcano lake. Sulfurous gases get into the lake from under the volcano. The lake itself is full of metals. When the gases touch them, they form that beautiful turquoise water;
– Some scientists think rogue wave happens when the surface sea current smashes into a strong headwind;
– There’s a rare phenomenon called a dirty thunderstorm. The lightning happens above a volcano, the most famous is in Japan. It erupts almost every day, and spits black clouds high into the air;
– When the Atacama desert gets enough water, about 200 types of flowers sprout up. The yellow sands of the Atacama turn purple, white, green, and pink.

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