If You See Fingerprints on Your Door Handle, Don’t Come Inside!

Date: 2020-02-02 11:00:11


Cookies under the entrance mat, beads spread all over the floor, invisible paint smeared on door handles – sounds like a naughty dog has been in your house, or a starter pack for when you’re home alone during the holidays! But these and other unusual tips can protect your house – or at least let you know it was visited while you were away!

And remember that most break-ins occur in the afternoon when people are at work or school. Burglars feel safe because their chances of getting caught or identified are low. Still, before getting inside, they watch houses for some time to figure out if they’re empty. By the way, one of the things they pay attention to is cars parked in driveways. So if you have an old vehicle you haven’t gotten rid of yet, make it useful!

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Stretch a thread across the threshold 0:25
Leave some crackers under the doormat 0:50
Download an app that records sounds 1:05
Take a photo of everything you have on your table 1:29
Place a glass filled with beads next to the door 1:43
Use a video baby monitor 2:09
Leave a glass of water on a rug 2:35
Spray door handles with invisible UV glowing paint 3:04
Put alarm signs 3:29
Park an old car in the driveway 3:59
Install fake cameras 4:35
Pretend someone’s inside your house 5:12
Ask your neighbors to leave some tire tracks in your driveway 5:31
Never leave electronics boxes on the curb 5:44
Keep the process of loading the car hidden 6:10
Temporarily cancel your subscriptions 6:33
Remember that a cat can give you away to criminals 6:55
Equip the pet door with a lock 7:17
Plant thorny bushes right under the outside panes 7:48

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– Stretch a thin unnoticeable thread across the bottom of the front door threshold. If someone opens the door and steps inside, the thread will be torn and left lying on the floor.
– Leave some crackers or thin cookies under the doormat inside your house before leaving.
– If you have suspicions that someone rummages through your things while you’re away, take a photo of everything you have on your table or in your drawers before you leave.
– When leaving your home, carefully place a glass filled with beads next to the door before closing it. This way, if someone gets inside while you’re away, they’re bound to tip the glass over.
– Instead of pricey security cameras, why not use a video baby monitor?
– Leave the front door a bit ajar, clean the door handles, and spray them with invisible UV glowing paint.
– To scare burglars away, put alarm signs on all your windows and doors.
– If you have an old vehicle you haven’t gotten rid of yet, make it useful! Park it in the driveway to fend off thieves.
– If you’re short of money or don’t want to deal with all the security camera technicalities, install fake ones!
– If you suspect that a burglar is casing your house, you can pretend someone’s inside at all times.
– If you’re out of town in the winter, ask your neighbors to leave some tire tracks in your driveway when it snows.
– If you have some electronics boxes and packaging left after buying expensive gadgets, never leave them on the curb or in your garbage can.
– A paper build-up in front of your door or a stuffed mailbox is an obvious sign that you ain’t home. You can also ask your neighbors to collect your mail for you. If you trust them.
– Burglars know that most cats sit by the window when they’re bored with nothing else to do. It means you aren’t home to play with them.
– Consider putting large, reflective numbers on your house and mailbox. It can help the police locate your place as fast as possible if your neighbors call them to report some disturbance in the area.
– Windows are some of the most common ways burglars get inside a house. Rid them of this opportunity: plant thorny bushes right under the outside panes.

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