If You Can Drink Milk, You Have a Rare Body Feature

Date: 2021-02-12 04:00:01


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If you like to enjoy a big glass of milk every day, then your body is more unique than you thought! Only 30% of people can drink milk, while the other 70% can’t digest it. Even more puzzling: your body loses its ability to process milk as you age. So if you used to drink it just fine but milk’s giving you problems now, know that you’re in the majority!

There are plenty of other awesome human body facts to go with that. Like that humans cannot multitask! So if you’re struggling to juggle several tasks at once, don’t be alarmed, it’s just how your brain is wired! What about some rare body features only a tiny percentage of people have? Can you touch your nose with your tongue or breathe in through your nose while talking? There aren’t many of such superhumans among us. Find out if you’re one of the rarest! 🤯


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