If You Are Doing This To Your Gadgets, STOP Immediately!

Date: 2022-02-04 08:16:03


Do you always charge your phone when going to bed? Or, maybe, you prefer to charge it while resting it by the window? Well, you should stop doing it once and for all! Why? These are just some of the crucial mistakes that shorten the life of your gadgets. You don’t wanna have to buy a new phone every year, do you?

Here’re 14 things we should avoid doing that harm our electronic devices. If you do any of them, you’d better STOP immediately. You’ll learn about everything that gets our gadgets damaged: from charging mistakes to malware apps and things that’re stealing your storage.


Bedtime phone charging 00:00
Charging under the sun 00:33
Accept cookies 00:58
Apps from sketchy sources 01:35
Water-resistant phones 02:04
Cleaning your computer screen 02:34
Rule of thumb 03:17
Metallic objects 03:41
Public Wi-Fi hotspots 04:42
Authorized dealer 05:41
Clean up unused programs 06:30
Laptop slows down 07:12
The dark mode 07:30

– Charging your phone when going to bed is one of the biggest mistakes;
– Batteries often tend to overheat;
– Avoid downloading apps from sketchy sources;
– An overloaded number of saved cookies can slow down the internet speed;
– Don’t take a water-resistant phone swimming with you often;
– You shouldn’t dismantle your computer for no reason;
– Always get protective cases for your phones;
– Don’t stick any metallic objects in your charging ports;
– Make sure the connection is legit in public Wi-Fi hotspots;
– Best to get anything repaired at an authorized dealer;
– Clean up the extra stuff in Settings;
– A cluttered desktop can slow down your laptop;
– A dark mode is healthy for your eyes;
– A dark mode can save a good amount of battery;

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