If Mosquitos Bite You More Than Others, Here’s Why

Date: 2020-10-27 10:15:47


Statistically, only about one in ten people are particularly attractive to mosquitoes. There are lots of theories about why mosquitoes attack some people whilst leaving others alone. There’s some proof that people with type O blood are the most popular among mosquitoes. The next preferred blood type is type A. Skeeters are great learners. They know how to connect some cues, for example, your smell, with how delicious your blood is. If they like it, they might visit you again and again.

Mosquitoes’ penchant for picking you over others might not be about your blood. These buzzers are extremely skilled hunters. They pick up on the chemicals your body gives off. Their antennae have more than 70 different receptors! Whether an insect likes your smell or not also depends on your genetics and the bacteria living on your skin. If some of your relatives get bitten by mosquitoes more often than other people, you might have the same problem on your hands.


It might be about your blood 0:26
…or the chemicals your body gives off 0:50
… or even the clothes you wear 2:24
How rain affects mosquitoes 3:31
What happens when a mosquito bites you 5:11
Cool facts about mosquitoes 6:09

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