I Tried 10 Home Exercises for a Month, My Fat Vanished

Date: 2020-11-30 11:00:16


How to lose weight fast? Morning exercise will energize you for the rest of the day — or at least until lunch — so why not give it a try and burn some excess fat at the same time? When we think about working out we assume we have to go to the gym, but you can perform light but effective exercises at home. We’ve selected a few great exercises that when combined with a balanced diet prove to be incredibly effective.

For example, nothing can be simpler yet, ironically, harder than the regular plank. You can do it several times during the day as it helps tone your muscles and gives you a healthy jolt of energy for a short time. Or take a bridge exercise, for instance. It’s s pretty classic exercise that isolates your glutes and hamstrings. But a more hardcore version of the bridges will stretch your entire body! Ready? Then let’s get started!


Bicycle 0:11
Russian twists 0:59
Jumping jacks 1:27
Side-to-side hops 1:49
Squat jumps 2:17
Plank 3:02
Bridges 4:37
V-Ups 5:35
Lateral leg raises 6:16
Superman 6:44

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