I Bet These 16 Puzzles Will Trick Your Mind

Date: 2022-04-10 17:00:23


Who doesn’t love a good old riddle? I’m sure you enjoy giving your brain a great workout! Here’s a session that’ll make your brain work hard and raise your IQ. Each of these riddles is hard and needs all of your attention and critical thinking skills.

Can you spot a liar among a group of people? How about three people who’re claiming to be poor but one of them is lying? Would you pay attention to their clothes or their eyes? Would you ask them a tricky question? Or maybe you’d examine their shoes? Let’s check the right answer…


Three best friends 00:00
Archaeologist 00:35
Picnic 01:20
Who isn’t poor? 01:57
Barefoot guy 02:30
Strange house 03:14
Samantha in the desert 03:40
Paradise island 04:40
Wedding ring 05:35
Prove that I don’t exist 06:25
Alexa steps aside 06:55
Abandoned warehouse 07:38
Old abandoned hospital 08:40
Lake walk 09:20
The prince 10:15
Collection of vinyl records 10:50

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