How You Breathe – Animated Story

Date: 2020-08-22 03:00:07


So, guys, we keep exploring some amazing facts about the human body. Did you know, just by sitting at your computer you take 12–15 breaths per minute? That’s thanks to the world’s most powerful sponges keeping you alive – your lungs. At room temperature, you inhale around 25 sextillion molecules with just one breath. That’s 25, followed by 21 zeros. Breathing is the most important thing our body does. People can’t live without breathing. Let’s find out how human lungs work!

The lungs have a pinkish color and they’re made of soft, elastic, and spongy tissue. Each of your lungs is inside a sack of tissue and it’s attached to it by a thin layer of liquid – kind of like runny glue. The sack creates a smooth surface to allow your lungs to expand every time you breathe. Do you know that your lungs have a different size and shape? The right lung is shorter than the left because it needs to make room for your liver.


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