How to Spot Hidden Cameras Using Your Smartphone

Date: 2022-03-28 16:00:27


What would you do if you found a hidden camera in your room? You might think it’s never gonna happen… But according to statistics, 11% of people on vacation at a hotel room have found hidden cameras in their accommodation. Just imagine how much higher the number would be if more people knew what they were looking for and how to do it.

Here’re some cool tips to spot hidden cameras in your hotel room. I’ll teach you how to use your own phone to find hidden cameras. Monitor your phone to see if you can detect any unknown devices that appear on your screen. If something comes up, that’s a good indication for a further thorough search…


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Inspect the movable objects 01:10
Fire alarm 01:40
Flash light inspection 02:00
Selfie mode 02:25
Review mirrors 03:00
Special apps 05:00
Security cameras 05:30

– Take out your phone. It will be an essential and beneficial source for finding clues of hidden cameras;
– Turn on your Bluetooth, take a walk around the apartment, your room, bathroom, kitchen, and the passageway to the apartment;
-Check to see if they’re facing at a strange angle, like if they are aimed towards your bed or bathroom;
– Once you’ve inspected everything with the lights on, turn them off, some cameras may have small LED lights that can be in a range of colors;
-Make sure to check that the fire alarm is just a fire alarm. It is a common hiding place for cameras, as the fire alarm always has a blinking light;
– It will be awkward moving around the dark room while looking at the screen in selfie mode, but try to keep an eye out for purple or white lights on the screen;
– You can do a simple test to check the mirror, simply press your fingertip onto the glass, pushing firm enough to ensure that there will be a fingerprint as you move your finger away. Focus closely on the fingerprint. If there is a small gap between the fingerprint and the mirror where the glass should be, then it’s just a mirrorж
– Security cameras have come a long way in recent history. In the world we live in now, you can find a camera in any shape and size;
– The first surveillance cameras were installed in 1927. From then, surveillance in all forms has become more prominent throughout the world;
-There have been reports of cameras found in hotels and many other forms of accommodation. It is possible to find places all around the world with hidden devices.

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