Date: 2019-01-10 15:15:00


Excellent tips on How To Spot A Sociopath! From suave smooth-talking to a revolving door of ever-changing friendships

#10 Lack of Empathy or Shame
One of the distinctive characteristics of a sociopath is the capability to perform unthinkable actions with little to no hesitation. Behavior such as publicly humiliating or even physically abusing others is typical of a sociopathic person. Whether through a lack of understanding or simply lacking the urge to attempt to understand, they seem unable to grasp the issue with manipulating, hurting, or lying to others. They often won’t even take responsibility for their actions, choosing instead to blame others for having a problem with their actions in the first place. And their lack of compassion doesn’t stop with people as true sociopaths are known to be unapologetically cruel to animals as well.
#9 Charm and Manipulation
A smooth talker by trade, sociopaths are keen to butter up anyone they deem useful. Able to wax poetic and call attention to themselves at a moment’s notice, these people transform into social puppeteers once they penetrate your defenses with their disarming allure. To expedite efforts, sociopaths will often make elaborate gestures of generosity in the hopes of attaining trust immediately. This, again, is all because you have something they want. A sociopath will do whatever they need to in order to reach their goals, and people, emotions, and any social consequences that arise are just other hurdles to clear on the way to the finish line. A sense of this can be felt in the sincerity, or lack thereof, behind a sociopath’s words and actions as they typically have a difficult time with everyday social interaction. The pleasantries they display on a daily basis are little more than the work of a con artist preying on the emotions of others.
#8 High Intelligence
Usually well-versed and well-rounded in their knowledge, sociopaths tend to be incredibly intelligent. Given their tendency to manipulate and scheme, though, it’s unavoidable that they’re naturally clever people. But many if not all sociopaths are beyond clever as their highly competitive nature and need to be in control require the ability to outwit nearly anyone. It’s impossible to lose the upper hand if you’re always the smartest person in the room. This tactic does have its shortcomings, though, as no one is infallible…even if they refuse to admit it. In the rare case that a sociopath is proven wrong, the fangs come out and their wealth of knowledge gets funneled toward a more vile strategy.