How to Protect Your Phone from Tapping

Date: 2019-12-02 03:00:00


Phones make our life easier, more connected and interesting. But they can bring a lot of trouble too. And among the main ones is interference with our private life. I’m talking about phone tapping. How do they do it, and most importantly, what should you do to protect your phone?

But to better know how to protect your phone from tapping, you must first find out how they can do it. Whoever they are. Found an unknown free Wi-Fi? Received a strange file via Bluetooth? Didn’t clean your computer from viruses and connected your phone to it? Or have you downloaded a “very awesome and absolutely free” app? Congrats, now you’re at high risk of being tapped.

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❓ HOW they can do it:
– Wireless connection 0:47
– Special equipment 1:19
– Super expensive equipment 1:56
– Instant messengers 2:19
– Own inattention 2:38
❓ Easy ways to protect your phone from tapping:
– Your password 3:23
– SMS code 4:22
– Fake Apps 4:54
– App-lockers 5:50
– Apps that fully protect your phone 6:14
– Another type of connection 6:37
– Computer 7:10
– Update your software 7:37
– Don’t talk about the important things 8:20

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– Hackers can install malware without your knowledge. It can easily enter your phone through MMS messages, mobile Internet, Bluetooth, or WiFi.
– There are special expensive devices to listen to phones. Typically, such a system consists of computers and a few telephones with special modifications.
– There are special listening stations that can be controlled by a professional operator with special education and extensive experience.
– So that no one can read and listen to your messages, instant messengers encrypt your dialogues. To “crack” them, you need a special decryption code.
– The most commonplace and easiest way to put your phone at risk is to leave it somewhere without a password or give it to someone “to play” with.
– The easiest and most banal way – regularly change passwords on your gadgets to protect your phone.
– An attacker won’t be able to enter your profile if they know the password, but don’t have an SMS code.
– Don’t leave Bluetooth on if you’re not using it. Hackers can connect and you won’t even notice.
– Don’t connect to unknown networks! And the safest thing is to use a personal Wi-Fi modem.
– There are also apps that fully protect your phone. They block connections to dubious networks and communication channels, tell you if a strange activity has appeared on your phone, and encrypt your conversations.
– Most phones use the GSM communication protocol for calling. Unfortunately, this standard can be cracked by someone who has the necessary skills.
– You can always change it to a more secure connection, though, for example, to CDMA.
– Don’t connect the phone to the computer if you’re not sure that it is clear from viruses.
– If you suspect that your phone is being tapped, then just try not to discuss important information over the phone. Do it in person.

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