How To Lucid Dream

Date: 2020-08-26 23:58:58


How to realize you’re dreaming and “wake up” in your dreams! Discover the exciting world of lucid dreaming

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Something that can help tremendously with lucid dreaming is keeping a dream journal, which makes sense since dream recall is one of the primary aspects of LaBerge’s MILD method. It’s best to record your dreams on paper as soon as you wake up so your entry is filled with as much detail as possible. It even helps you remember more of the dream because you’re actively thinking about it. But, even if keeping a dream journal doesn’t jumpstart lucid dreaming right away, it has many other benefits. According to Kelly Bulkeley, Ph.D., keeping a dream journal can help you develop insight into various concerns, relationships, or activities in your wakeful state. He notes that you shouldn’t worry if your descriptions seem vague or fragmented; it’s just important that you write down whatever you can remember, even seemingly insignificant details. He also recommends writing down your sleep patterns and quality of sleep. To begin your journal, Bulkeley doesn’t want you to waste any time. He says to begin by writing down the first dream you can remember “even if it was just a tiny fragment or wispy image,” and there you have it, “the beginning of a dream journal.”

One of the most basic techniques to train your brain to recognize your state of awareness is reality testing. You’ll want to perform these simple tests throughout the day while you’re awake, and when the routine becomes second nature, you should be able to do the same thing in your dream state. Some common types of reality checks include trying to put your finger through your palm, pinching your nose, reading, looking at your reflection, and examining your tattoos (if you have any). If you push your finger against your opposing palm and it goes through, then you’re dreaming. If you pinch your nose, and you can still breathe, then you’re dreaming. Your tattoos and your reflection will look different in a dream, and if you try to read something, look away, and then look back, the text will change in a dream. These reality checks allow you to recognize when you’re in a dream state, and once you’ve achieved that, you’re officially lucid dreaming.