How to Find a Megalodon Tooth And How Much It’s Worth

Date: 2020-01-27 11:00:07


Megalodon is an ancient marine predator, a giant shark that terrified all the inhabitants of the seas and oceans about 23 to 2.5 million years ago. This monster was the size of a road train and weighed like a tank. The strength of its bite was more than that of a T-Rex, and it had about three hundred teeth. Each of them was the size of an adult human palm.

By the way, one such tooth is worth a fortune. You can picture what you could spend that on, can’t you? Then how about to go hunting for those “babies”? What we’re gonna need is rubber boots, a snorkeling mask, a tent, and a sharp knife. Let’s get started!

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Preview photo credit:
A giant tooth believed to be that of a Megalodon Shark, founded in Kupa river near Pokupsko, Croatia, some 60 km from the Capital Zagreb, is displayed on August 21, 2015: By AFP/EAST NEWS,
Stjepan Sucec from Pokupsko Village, in central Croatia, some 60 km from the capital Zagreb, holds a tooth that he found in river Kupa during his search for shells in Pokupsko, on August 21, 2015: By AFP/EAST NEWS,
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– One such tooth is worth from $50 to several thousand dollars.
– We’ll be looking for teeth near the water, and if the weather is bad, you’ll want your feet warm and dry.
– You might have to spend a night under a starry sky.
– You can go almost anywhere: New Zealand, Denmark, South America, Australia, and many other places around the world. Megalodon fossils were found even in the Mariana Trench.
– The bad news is that megalodon tooth hunting is one of the most popular entertainments for local residents and tourists alike.
– Hunting for a megalodon tooth was a real adventure perhaps 100 years ago, but now it has turned into a business.
– The process is quite simple. Just rake the sand near the water with your fishing basket. Small pebbles and shells remain in the basket when the sea wave leaves, and a shark tooth can also be found among all this.
– But not only size is important, but quality as well. Check the cracks on the tooth. The tooth may fall apart if there are too many. How well is the enamel preserved?
– Of course, you’re unlikely to find a perfect tooth, but such small details greatly affect the price of your find.
– There are so many megalodon tooth hunters that there are even more people who want to make money off them. You can find thousands of fakes — and very good ones at that! — on the Internet.

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