How Packages Gets to Your Door in 24 Hours Across the World

Date: 2020-01-31 11:00:02


Hey there! Today, we wanna tell you Boxy’s story. Ever since Boxy was a young, flat sheet of cardboard, he’s dreamed of being filled with something important — like a birthday present! — and then going to the ultimate Package Party in Memphis on his way to deliver it!

And today, it’s happening! Noah’s grandfather in Scotland just ordered a stuffed Panda from Li. Li’s workshop is in Beijing. That means Boxy will be at Noah’s house in Indiana tomorrow — for his birthday! Li’s assistant, Zhang, stuffs him with tissue paper and prints a shipping label on the store computer.

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The adventure begins 0:21
Why is Boxy going to Alaska? 3:28
The Big Sort 5:00
Did Elvis Presley work there? 6:33

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– Noah’s grandfather in Scotland just ordered a stuffed Panda from Li (this is her workshop).
– How will I get to Noah’s in time for his birthday? Lots of businesses, like Li’s, have a scheduled pick up every day, when a truck stops by to collect packages.
– Li’s workshop is in Beijing, where the buses are pretty reliable. Li tells Zhang to leave work early — just be sure to drop me at the nearest Shipping Storefront within the next hour and we’ll make the deadline!
– At the Shipping Storefront, Li’s assistant hands me over the counter to a clerk who scans my label with a hand-held device.
– I’m at the airport and being—yep, scanned again and—loaded into a huge metal container called a Unit Load Device.
– Each of us boxes is a “unit.” Together we make a “load” and this device – sometimes called a “can” or a “pod”–resembles a giant version of me, a box, only full of shelves and usually made of metal.
– ULD’s come in all sizes too, but a typical one is about 88 x 125 x 96 inches.
– Looking at a map, and seeing all that ice and tundra, a box might think Alaska is in the middle of nowhere.
– And, while Alaska has a relatively small population—about 740,000—the hub there is huge!
– Alaska’s Cargo Hub is the fifth largest cargo airport in the world and the second largest in the United States.
– Countless packages get sorted in Alaska, but our plane is just stopping for gas.
– Referred to as “The Big Sort,” the Package Party is a lot like a birthday party.
– The light scanners can read us and tell the mechanical arms and sorters which group we belong in.
– Our labels have more information than just our address, they also have our weight and dimensions.
– I’m not sure if I believe the rumor Elvis Presley worked there, but it’s easy to believe that the Memphis Distribution Center is the largest package sorting facility in the world. It’s over 880 acres.

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