He Was Forgotten In Space For 5 Months

Date: 2022-02-07 07:11:06


Imagine being stranded in space with no idea how you can go back. Sounds like a real nightmare, right? This is a true story that happened to a real astronaut. He was sent to space on a mission that was supposed to last only 5 months. But in the end, he was stuck there for 311 consecutive days.

Let’s listen to the story of this astronaut and find out what exactly went wrong. How did he manage to return home after spending 10 months on a spaceship all alone? We’ll see that an astronaut’s job isn’t all about excitement, stunning views of the Earth and zero gravity. It can be pretty unpredictable and dangerous…


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Zero gravity affects body 02:30
Radiation in space 03:00
Spacewalks 04:23
Psychological factor 05:40
World record 07:00
Germany’s help 07:15
Return home 07:30


– 33-year-old flight engineer Sergey Krikalev spent 311 days in zero gravity on the Mir space station;
– According to the plan, the mission should have lasted for 5 months;
– He wasn’t ready for such a long stay in space he hadn’t trained for it;
– They contacted Sergey and said he couldn’t return since the country that promised to bring him home no longer existed;
– In conditions of zero gravity the human body takes serious damage;
– There’s a lot of radiation in space which is dangerous for people;
– In space, the astronaut’s immune system changes;
– Work in space can last up to several hours;
– Your body weakens, you don’t breathe fresh air, you can’t see your friends, and you don’t have the opportunity to return home;
– Germany paid about $24 million for a ticket to the station to replace the astronaut;
– When Krikalev returned, he looked very thin, sweaty, and exhausted;
– Later he set a world record for the total duration of stay in space at 803 days.

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Sergei Krikalev, the Russian cosmonaut and mechanical engineer who spent almost 312 days aboard space station Mir, returns to Earth, KAZAKHSTAN, 25/03/1992: By Wojtek Laski/East News,
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