Guess Who Isn’t Smart in 25 Riddles

Date: 2020-06-20 17:00:07


So, it’s time to see if you’re smarter than these people I show you today. You get 1 point for each cracked case and 7 seconds to get to the bottom of it. Track your points to see what happens at the end of the video. If you get 17 – 25 points, then you’re a YouTube detective. If you have 8 – 16 points, then you need some more practice. If you get 1-7 point-getters, you need a looot of practice. You should watch more riddle videos to sharpen your skills.

By the way, riddles are one of the most effective ways to develop your thinking skills, memory, and intelligence. Unusual tasks are like “brain gymnastics” which are useful for everybody. Regular training and problem-solving can help your brain function at a more stable level throughout your entire life.


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Mike and Suzie 00:00
Sara and Maria 0:42
John and Lindsay 1:09
Daisy and Claire 1:37
Jenna and Alice 2:03
The Johnsons and the Smiths 2:35
Two travelers 3:04
Fillip and Diane 3:33
Sean and Maggie 4:01
George and Mindy 4:34
Lucas and Sam 5:02
Alice and Liam 5:32
Ashley and Mary 6:02
Lucy and Jack 6:30
Joanna and Sissy 6:56
Michael and Karen 7:24
Jason and Jake 7:49
Ruth and Adam 8:22
Simon and Kyle 8:57
Dan and Josh 9:34
Mary and Linda 10:02
Susan and April 10:27
Olivia and Barbara 11:00
Mary and Richard 11:26
Valerie and Nicole 11:50

Music by Epidemic Sound

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