Get 12 Riddles Right And You’re Smarter Than Me

Date: 2020-11-16 13:54:13


Some riddles are so mind-boggling you can’t rest until you’ve found the solution. And it’s all the more surprising when it turns out to be really obvious. Also, riddles and puzzles are great brain trainers and ways to see the world from another perspective. Research proves that people who keep learning and keep their brains exercised stay mentally fit longer than people who do not exercise their minds. Here are 12 riddles to all you mystery lovers out there. They will rack your brain over before you finally see the way out.


A wet mystery 0:01
A code number 1:06
A lousy alibi 2:10
Strange noises 3:19
A careless granddaughter 4:15
The chicken matter 5:13
A window to freedom 6:12
Back to school 7:00
Late delivery 7:55
There’s chemistry between them 9:00
An untouchable car 9:51
A public collapse 10:26

Music by Epidemic Sound

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