Figure Out Who’s Less Smart in 30 Riddles

Date: 2020-09-30 03:00:04


Hey there! Are you ready for another brain workout today? Because we have 30 new riddles for you. We’ll show you a pair of people for each one, and you’ll have to decide which person doesn’t behave wisely. The riddles are solved with the power of observation, and all of them will require you to put our logical abilities to work. You’ll have 7 seconds per riddle to make your decision. Every right answer will award you 1 point.

And remember that regular training and problem solving can help your brain function at a more stable level throughout your entire life. What can you do to boost your intelligence? It’s simple. Always be on the lookout for different problems to solve and give your brain a workout. Ready? Grab a pencil and a piece of paper, and let’s get started.


Charlotte and Elizabeth 0:24
Lucas and Liam 0:44
Ava and Olivia 1:10
Michael and Logan 1:32
Ian and Nolan 2:03
Jackson and Emma 2:19
Scarlett and Ellie 2:40
Riley and Isabella 3:08
Lily and Oliver 3:30
Sophia and Aiden 3:55
John and Brandon 4:20
Thomas and Abigail 4:40
Ryan and Kaylee 5:03
Asher and Hailey 5:27
Chloe and Avery 5:55
Hannah and Maya 6:15
Mason and Jacob 6:47
Emily and Madison 7:07
Aubrey and James 7:34
Mia and Ethan 7:55
Carter and Layla 8:19
Leah and Aaron 8:42
William and Daniel 9:09
Jane and Amelia 9:25
Max and Ezra 9:48
Jonathan and Savannah 10:20
Stella and Aurora 10:45
Miles and Cooper 11:09
Leo and Melanie 11:42

Music by Epidemic Sound

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