Everyone Will Live in Cities on the Ocean Soon, Here’s Why

Date: 2020-08-16 03:00:07


What will the cities of the future look like? Well, the idea of a futuristic floating city goes back further than you’d think. Jules Verne wrote about one in his 1895 sci-fi novel Propeller Island. A massive city-ship (say that one five times real fast) over 4 miles long and 3 miles wide, inhabited solely by millionaires, and traveling on the Pacific Ocean!

Fast-forward half a century later, and we got the first real plans for floating cities. Famous architect Kenzo Tange’s 1960 Tokyo Bay Project saw the Japanese capital expanding out past the coast. Each side of the bay would be connected by a vast highway system over 130 feet off the ground. A city in the air and on the water! What was once mere sci-fi, avant-garde fantasies is something architects and engineers have now put into real action, with real dollars funding them!


Pontoon style 0:51
Semi-submerged structures 1:06
Floating manta ray-shaped city 1:28
Floating laboratory 2:18
China’s Atlantis 3:17
Noah’s Ark 3:45
The most unusual project 4:11
Harvest City 4:44
Floating cities that look like jellyfish 5:04
The most ambitious project 5:34
Why architects do that 6:13

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Vincent Callbaut’s ‘Aequorea’: By VINCENT CALLEBAUT/Solent News/East News,
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