Even Teacher’s Favorite Student Can’t Get 12 Riddles Right

Date: 2020-11-10 17:31:15


We all like solving different riddles — very simple ones about scissors and light bulbs, and difficult ones that make us think hard for a long time. Such riddles exercise the brain and help us keep it in shape even in old age. Today, we offer you 12 detective riddles. Our lives don’t usually offer us a lot of opportunities to play detective unless we need to find a missing scarf at home or a mug at work that has suddenly disappeared. But it’s definitely tempting to test what our brains are capable of. Do you have the detective spirit in you? It’s time to find out! Some of these puzzles will take a few seconds and others require more time and effort. Will you accept the challenges and check your skills?


A stolen painting 0:01
Poisoned guy 0:56
A mad professor 1:52
Who’s the smuggler? 2:38
Young fashion designer 3:32
Lost in a cave 4:41
Three doors 5:32
Which is the safest way? 6:16
A family gathering 6:59
Who is richer? 7:43
A millionaire’s daughter 8:14
A hungry cat 9:23

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