Earth Has Extra Hidden Moons, Here’s Where They Are

Date: 2022-04-05 04:00:03


How many Moons does our planet have? Sounds like a pretty straight-forward question, doesn’t it? The simple answer is that Earth has only one Moon, which we see in the sky every night. The more complex answer is that the number of moons varies over time… How is it possible? In this video I’m gonna explain this to you. By the way, around the Solar System, multiple moons are the rule. Mars has two moons, while Jupiter has over 60 natural satellites.

More coolest space facts are coming your way… We’ll explore why planets don’t twinkle, while stars do. Also, we’ll talk abouit space volcanoes: they can spew methane or ice instead of lava. Let’s find out more coolest facts about the processes happening in space.


Planet rings 00:00
How the Moon was formed 01:10
The biggest source of water 01:35
2 asteroids 02:05
Neptune’s center 03:10
Saturn’s storm 03:35
Why planets don’t twinkle 03:54
Vanishing atmosphere 05:05
Space volcanoes 05:45
Colliding galaxies 06:30
Cold welding 07:30
Fault scarps 08:27

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