Don’t Use Your Phone While Charging, Here’s Why

Date: 2020-02-23 17:00:13


Smartphones are everywhere and can do a lot of things, even a few that they probably shouldn’t. In the meantime, to keep you surfing the web in safety, we’ve collected a list of other things you should never do with your phone, laptop, or other devices.

Di you know, for example, why you shouldn’t keep your phone in your back pocket? Or why you should avoid tilting your laptop while the disk is spinning? Or what can happen to your laptop if you leave it in a hot car? So, we’re going to discuss all these things, and much more!

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Using cheap chargers 0:30
Ignoring updates 1:12
Leaving Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on 1:45
Using public Wi-Fi 2:17
Leaving your phone unlocked 3:03
Eating or drinking near your laptop 3:28
Keeping your phone in your back pocket 4:01
Leaving disks in your laptop 4:36
Letting your phone overheat 5:08
Leaving your laptop in your car 5:58
Using your phone when it’s charging 6:33
Never turning it off 7:16
Putting your laptop on your bed 7:41
Using counterfeit SD cards 8:25
Installing apps from unknown sources 9:03

– There are plenty of quality third-party chargers available for a reasonable price, but just as many cheap knock-offs that can and will damage your battery.
– Ignoring security updates can also make you vulnerable to hackers. When your device says it’s time for an update, you might want to take its word for it.
– Bluetooth is extra dangerous because it relies on low-power radio waves, which are easier to intercept and tamper with than other types of wireless signals.
– Free Wi-Fi is dangerous for the simple reason that anyone can access it. And anyone includes cybercriminals trying to steal your identity or sell your data.
– Even if you never see any cracks, sitting on the display can still damage it internally. This can cause blurry images or even blank spots to appear on the screen.
– If you suddenly become the owner of some disk-based media, just make sure you don’t leave it in your laptop when you’re carrying it around.
– If you ever notice your phone is getting too hot, turn it off for a few minutes and let it cool down.
– When you use your phone when it’s charging, most of the power goes to the screen and CPU instead of being stored in the battery, meaning that it will take longer to charge to 100%.
– Resting your laptop on a soft surface like a pillow or blanket restricts the airflow, making it heat up faster.
– Counterfeit SD cards are everywhere and can cause all sorts of problems. Most are poorly made and rarely store as much as promised.
– Third-party downloads can be crawling with malware and other viruses, which you obviously don’t want to have slithering around on your device.

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