Don’t Use Candles During a Power Outage and 14 Other No-Noes

Date: 2020-01-06 17:00:06


Whether it’s a thunderstorm, a heatwave, or just some curious animal or a bird. No matter who or what’s to blame, suddenly bam! You don’t have electricity anymore. And it’s dark. What are you gonna do now? Well, there are things that can make this situation even worse, so keep them in mind.

Do you know, for example, that it can be dangerous to come close to pooling water? Many power outages are caused by storms. So be careful and stay away from pooling water, because it can hide not only fallen tree branches but also power lines. It’s better to stay inside till authorized work crews clear the area safely!

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Don’t touch your circuit breaker panel 0:22
Don’t keep electronics plugged in 0:53
Don’t open the fridge 1:21
Don’t use candles 1:56
Don’t forget about a CO detector 2:23
Don’t leave your car tank empty 2:46
Don’t forget about security gates 3:12
Don’t waste your phone’s battery 3:36
Don’t take a long shower 4:06
Don’t ignore traffic rules 4:37
Don’t forget about cash 5:04
Don’t let your pipes get cold 5:26
Don’t come close to pooling water 6:01
Don’t grill indoors 6:28
Don’t keep a generator at home 6:57

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– Look for any damage on the panel, but be careful and don’t touch it, just in case. If the problem isn’t the breaker, check the service wires leading to the house.
– Unplugging electronic appliances, such as microwave, computer, washing machine, and so on, will save them from any possible damage from an electrical surge when the power comes back.
– When it’s closed, the cold air will stay inside, preventing your food from spoiling. So open it only when it’s necessary.
– Don’t use candles. Lighting them isn’t the best option since they don’t give off much light. But the main problem is that candles can cause a fire.
– If your whole neighborhood doesn’t have electricity, then gas stations probably won’t be an option since they need the power to pump gas from their tanks to yours. That’s why it’s important to keep the tank full before a storm hits.
– Many people have no idea how to open the security gates manually. Contact the security office to find out. This way you can plan to leave your neighborhood easily if need be.
– It’s better to close all your apps and dim the backlight to save the battery. When there’s no way to charge the phone, you definitely don’t want to be left without the option to make a call in some emergency.
– Though you’ll have hot water in reserve, its temperature will keep dropping. So if you want to take a shower do it as soon as possible.
– Some think that broken traffic lights serve as a four-way stop. But actually, they work the same way as a four-way yield.
– During a neighborhood-wide blackout, your credit cards will be pretty useless. That’s why it’s important to have some cash at home.
– If your house is rather old, look for uninsulated pipes in your basement, garage, or outside the building. If you find them, wrap them up in old blankets or towels.
– If you have a gasoline powered generator, then your chances of feeling pretty comfortable during a blackout rise. But it emits toxic carbon monoxide, so it should stay away from the house.
– If the power outage caught you off guard, use your car to charge your phone or any other mobile devices.
– Have a dozen or so of those small solar powered garden and sidewalk lights planted around the outside of your house.
– Keep a battery-powered radio at home. Cell phones might not last long enough during a long-term blackout.
– If your main issue is to stay warm, then choose one room in the house where you’re gonna use alternative heating and close off all the others.

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