Don’t Use a Hotel Hair Dryer and 19 Other Secrets

Date: 2020-01-08 17:00:16


If you often travel for pleasure or business, you spend a good deal of time at hotels. Hotel rooms are supposed to be the epitome of cleanliness! At least you hope so. But in fact, the objects you’d never think could be dirty are the biggest sources of germs.

Hotel staff are required to disinfect the obvious stuff in the bathroom like the toilet and sink, but more obscure items get cleaned less often. The hairdryer, the carpet, lamp switches and TV remotes are only some of the objects on the list. Let’s see what else you should try to avoid touching in a hotel room.

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If You Notice This In Your Hotel Room, Run Fast!

1. The Hairdryer 0:23
2. The Carpet 1:09
3. Lamp Switches 1:47
4. Bathroom Countertops 2:11
5. TV Remotes 2:41
6. Drinking Glasses 3:02
7. The Bedspread 3:30
8. Throw Pillows 3:53
9. The Sofa 4:24
10. The Curtains 4:55
11. The Shower Curtain 5:24
12. The Phone 5:44
13. The Coffee Maker 6:01
14. The Desk 6:27
15. Faucets 6:47
16. The Tap Water 7:04
17. The Ice Bucket 7:25
18. Your Room Key 7:46
19. The Mattress 8:13
20. The Air Itself 8:42

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-The moist environment that’s created after you take a shower plus the heat from the hairdryer equals a nasty breeding ground for all those bacteria to multiply.
-Shampooing services are expensive, so hotels save money by deep-cleaning the carpets less often.
-Staff may wipe the surface of the bedside table, but this is yet one more thing that’ll easily get overlooked.
-Even in four-star hotels the bathroom counters contain the most CFU, or colony-forming units, of bacteria.
-Hotel staff are trying to clean rooms quickly to get them ready for the next guest, so the TV remotes are maybe given a quick wipe-down.
-The cleaners don’t have dish soap on their carts, so the glasses usually just get a quick rinse with hot water.
-The bedspread is among the top 11 dirtiest things in your room.
-Since people throw them off the bed before going to sleep, decorative pillows are home to numerous bacteria.
-The sofa collects germs from people’s suitcases, shoes, and anything else guests might toss on it.
-Researchers found that in some 3-star hotels, the drapes only got a mere dusting just once a month.
-The steamy environment makes the bathroom ideal real estate for bacteria and mildew.
-Hotel staff aren’t making the phone in your room their first cleaning priority as people mostly use cell phones these days.
-If they aren’t cleaned regularly with vinegar as they should be, coffee makers can become disgusting very quickly.
-Swabs done off desks show a plethora of contagious respiratory viruses on that handy writing surface.
-Some hotels have been known to wipe down the bathroom counter and faucets with the same cloth they use to clean the toilets.
-The tap is connected to a municipal water source, especially if you’re in a big city. This kind of water can carry lead, E. coli, and chlorine.
-Before you drop a few ice cubes into your drink, remember the ice bucket hasn’t only been used to hold ice and is hardly ever cleaned.
-Researchers say that your room key is just as dirty and germy as money.
-Bed bugs carry over 40 disease-causing bacteria. They’re also tough to get rid of once you bring them back home from your hotel room.
-Even if you don’t have allergies, stale air is unhealthy because it piggy-backs irritants and bacteria into the body.

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