Don’t Sleep When Planes Take Off or Land, Here’s the Answer

Date: 2020-02-22 17:00:15


Traveling by air can be pretty exhausting, so no wonder a lot of people choose to sleep through it. And while doing so is simply inevitable if you have a long-haul flight, you can actually put your health at risk if you doze off during take-off or landing.

There are also a lot of other things can make your trip on a plane less safe and less comfortable. For example, taking your shoes off, not asking a flight attendant before switching seats, using the blankets, and even wearing your contact lenses!

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Why you need to be awake 0:18
Ignoring the safety instructions 1:26
Taking your shoes off 1:48
Not asking a flight attendant before switching seats 2:16
Wearing your contact lenses 2:41
Eating the food that touched the tray table 3:01
Forgetting to drink water 3:25
Using the blankets 3:54
Turning off the air vent over your seat 4:16
Not getting up from your seat 4:43
Flushing the button in the lavatory with your bare hand 5:05
Wearing shorts 5:28
Neglecting your skincare 5:48
Drinking fizzy drinks 6:10
Keeping a heavy carry-on in the overhead compartment 6:29
Not fastening your seatbelt when the sign is on 6:58
Running to the exit 7:29

– When a plane is taking off or landing, there’s a rapid change in air pressure inside the cabin. Your ears become blocked, and every sound you hear is muffled.
– In the worst-case scenario, you might even get an ear infection, a nosebleed, or face hearing loss.
– Don’t put on headphones or talk to your companions while a flight attendant explains everything.
– Just spare your fellow travelers from sniffing your socks and hope they’ll do the same for you.
– If you move a few rows it won’t cause any trouble on a large airplane. But doing so on a regional plane can throw off an airplane’s center of gravity, which is especially critical during take-off.
– Choose glasses during flying, especially for long haul flights. The air in the cabin is much drier than on the ground, and it can irritate your eyes.
– Experts claim that tray tables have 8 times more bacteria than the lavatory flush buttons.
– Many airlines provide their passengers with blankets and pillows on demand. But they’re not washed often enough either.
– Wearing shorts is a bad idea. Yes, germs are all around the seats and they’re rarely deep-cleaned.
– If you fly in the daytime, don’t forget to apply your cream with SPF. You’re much closer to the sun on a plane so just being inside a cabin or not sitting near a window won’t save you from the rays.
– You must stay in your seat with the seatbelt fastened during taking off, taxiing, landing, and during turbulence.
– When the plane has landed, stay in your seat. No need to rush to the opened door, pushing others out of your way.

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