Don’t Go Inside If You See a Red Cup Under Toilet Seat

Date: 2022-03-15 13:43:56


The world is full of cool lifehacks you might have never heard of. Here’s a number of great tips to know no trouble. A mirror can help you check whether your bed sheets are fully dried. In order to pour the perfect amount of oil or salad dressing, poke holes in the foil seal. You can paint the end of your keys with different colored nail polish so you can easily identify which key is which.

By the way, have you ever seen the viral photos of placing a red cup under the toilet seat? This turns out to be a sign for other people. What does it indicate?


Rubber band on a door 00:00
Dried bed sheets 00:20
Nail polish for keys 00:32
Holes in the foil seal 00:45
Prevent Band-Aids from slipping 00:52
Red solo cup under seat 01:05
Large gap in restrooms 01:23
Make your drink colder 01:43
Sunglasses for your phone 02:10
Coin for shopping cart 02:30
Muffin tray for taco shells 02:43
Water bottle to separate egg yolks 02:58
Pillowcase for ceiling fan 03:12
To properly clean your blender 03:26
A strip of masking tape 03:36
If your shoes smell bad 03:48
Toothpaste to remove scratches 03:55
Sticky residue on jars 04:20
Hair conditioner for wool sweater 04:32
Odor on your fingers 04:50
Toothbrush for old sneakers 05:00
Cold wash 05:15
Metal zippers 05:33
Squeeze toothpaste 05:48
Freezing candles 06:01
A pack of cotton pads 06:15
Nintendo cartridge 06:30
Headrests in a car 06:52
Rough edges on coins 07:10
Faraday shield 07:31
Jerry can handle 07:46

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