Don’t Call Yourself a Driver If You Dont Know These 10+ Tricks

Date: 2020-01-30 11:00:04


What do a kitchen plunger, a potato, and your old socks have in common? They can all work magic for your vehicle if you know how to use them. And cleaning your trunk can help you save gas! Yup, the heavier your vehicle is, the more gas it uses.

Do you know that you can use your car mat to get out of a snow trap? Or how to use a damp newspaper to remove bumper sticker marks? Or why you should keep your car’s remote control separate from your keys? By the way, this is more common sense than anything. But no more spoilers! Let’s get down to it!

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Protect yourself from polluted air when stuck in traffic 0:24
Clean your trunk to save some gas 0:45
Use dishwashing liquid to remove grease off windows 1:05
Protect yourself from glaring sun 1:25
Get rid of pet hair with static electricity 1:40
Put socks on your windshield wipers 2:05
Use your car mat to get out of a snow trap 2:32
Release some air from your tires to get unstuck from the snow 2:54
Pin your car on your GPS app to remember where you parked 3:15
Use a damp newspaper to remove bumper sticker marks 3:36
Get out of mud or sand 4:05
Use a potato not to let your car windows fog 4:32
Use a kitchen plunger for dents 5:01
Remove rust with Coke 5:20
Use cooking spray to avoid freezing 5:45
Keep your car’s remote control separate from your keys 6:08
Don’t start the car right away in the winter 6:31
Use the arrow by the fuel icon on the dashboard wisely 6:54

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– The recirculation recirculates the air inside your car, shutting off the airflow from the outside. In the summertime, you can also do it to keep the inside air cool and refreshing.
– The heavier your vehicle is, the more gas it uses. The engine has to burn through more of it keep the car moving.
– Dishwashing liquid can be a good and cheap way to clean your car windows and windshield.
– If your pet often travels with you and leaves its hair as souvenirs all over your car, you know how hard it can be to get rid of it. Just put on a latex glove and rub your hand against the seats and carpets.
– In the winter months your wiper blades often freeze to your windshield overnight. Just put your old socks on wipers as you leave your car in the evening.
– If you ‘re stuck and can’t just dig yourself out with a shovel, try using your car mats, sand, salt, kitty litter, or cardboard.
– In case the car mat doesn’t help, try deflating the tires a bit. This will help increase the service area of the tires and again, get them more traction.
– Wet a newspaper with warm water, apply it to the damp area and let it stick to the car. Then, leave it on for about 10 minutes, so that water gets in contact with the glue on the sticker or sticker mark.
– When your windows fog from the inside, it makes driving pretty dangerous. Luckily, a humble potato can come to your rescue! Take a clean and raw one, cut it in half and rub one half on the windows from the inside. It will clean them and also create a protective layer to prevent fogging.
– Plungers are actually pretty useful outside of kitchens and bathrooms. For example, you can use a cup plunger to fix small and medium-sized dents in your car.
– Spray the rusty surface with coke, and then use a brush or a toothbrush if the area is small to break it up. Apply and scrub as necessary.
– Most modern car alarms have a built-in system to prevent car theft, effectively locking everything in your car if you use it.
– When the frost is extreme, it can be really harmful to your car battery if you don’t warm it up first. Just turn your headlights on for a little bit and then turn on the car engine.
– There is a little arrow by the fuel icon on your dashboard that tells you which side the tank is on!

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