Dogs Have Pockets In Their Ears + 30 Other Facts I Had To Doublecheck To Believe

Date: 2022-01-15 20:52:54


You look at your pooch and notice a sort of a pocket on their ear. You get worried and start googling this feature. But no worries. It actually has a name – Henry’s pocket, or, more scientifically, cutaneous marginal pouch. It’s nothing dangerous and might be there to help detect high-pitched sounds.

Let’s explore this hidden feature any pooch has and 30+ incredible true facts. Like why a phone is 10 times dirtier than a toilet handle? Or how can flamingos be actually white in reality?

Sandwich before bedtime 00:00
A phone is dirtier Then Toilet 00:35
Flamingos are White 01:02
Trees have Internet 02:02
The Earth’s core contains Gold 03:17
Trees on Earth 03:45
You Drink the same Water as the Dinosaurs 04:24
Biologically immortal creatures 05:13
LUCA microbe 06:55
Mosquitoes bite some people more 08:15
Put a Shark in a Trance 08:58
Henry’s pocket 09:47

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