Do You Have an Eagle Eye? Eyesight Challenge

Date: 2022-03-02 04:30:03


Different people have different talents: some are great at memorizing information, others can smell the lightest notes in perfume. But some have an eagle eye: they can see the differences that no one else can. Let’s check if you’re among those people.

This set of riddles is a test that’ll reveal your attentiveness to detail. It’ll train your brain and wake you up. Believe me, it works better than coffee. The more riddles you solve, the quicker you’ll learn to search for the right answers in your head. Are you ready to meet this challenge?


Eagle eye 00:00
Find the lost mask 00:16
Spot the bone 00:43
Find the dog 01:14
Become rich 01:40
Spot the bag 02:12
Notice the hook 02:42
Where is the compass 03:13
Find the cereal 03:42
Where it found shelter 04:15
15 hamsters 04:50
Dress designer 05:22
Where’s the bike 05:50
Save the cowboy 06:37
Find the hen 07:05
Carrots and smith else 07:34
Find the mistakes 08:03
Parallel universe 08:55
Bizarre place 09:36
Five strange things 10:15
Help the girl return home 11:30

Animation is created by Bright Side.
Music by Epidemic Sound

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