Do This And Youll Have a Photographic Memory

Date: 2020-01-10 17:00:22


Having a photographic memory would be super convenient – when was the last time you successfully did your grocery shopping from memory because you left the list on the counter? So what exactly is a photographic memory, and how can you get one? Let’s find out!

There are basic exercises that will improve any memory, like playing cards, reading, and using all of your senses – not just sight and sound – when learning something new that you want to remember. Flashcards are also a good method to use when you need to improve your memory.

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What is a photographic memory? 0:54
Can you improve your memory? 1:40
Memory champions 2:54
Training with cards 3:16
The Memory Palace 4:03
Brain food can also help 7:17

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-A photographic memory is the ability to recall images from memory vividly and precisely after only seeing an image a few times – for short periods of time – without using a mnemonic device.
-Some scientists say that you can’t develop a photographic memory, others say, with a lot of work, you can develop a photographic memory, or at least come very close, at any age. Exercises like playing cards, reading, and using all of your senses – not just sight and sound – when learning something new that you want to remember, can help.
-Some of memory champions can memorize up to 32 decks of cards – their order, color, number or face, and the suit. They all have their own methods of jogging and improving their photographic memories.
-One very popular method is to grab a deck of cards; these can be regular playing cards, or even an Uno deck. Pick three cards out of the deck and memorize them.
-The most famous and widely used method to improve memory is known as The Memory Palace. Our memory is very vision-oriented. So associate items on your grocery list with a hilarious picture of you as a kid that’s still hanging on the wall at your childhood home. Each item should go with an image. This is called “constructing your palace.”
-Fatty fish is almost always at the top of “brain food” lists. These are fish such as trout, salmon, and sardines. Blueberries, and other dark-colored berries, are full of antioxidants that are essential to the whole body, but especially to the brain. Refined carbs – white breads and pastas, some cereals, white rice – are also bad for your overall brain health.

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