Dinosaur “Facts” That Might Be Wrong!

Date: 2019-12-26 13:45:01


Popular myths about dinosaurs! From physical myths about these prehistoric terrors to a famous behemoth that never was.

#12 Hot Or Cold?
As many people, among the public and scientific community alike, associate dinosaurs with lizards, it’s easy to assume the great beasts of the past were cold-blooded like modern reptiles. However, as time progressed and paleontologists began examining more similarities between birds and dinosaurs, it became apparent that these prehistoric creatures were likely to be warm-blooded instead. Fast-moving carnivores like the velociraptor would be unable to exhibit the muscular power to hunt prey were they cold-blooded, according to some scientists.
#11 Parenting Myths
For those that have seen the animated film “The Land Before Time”, in which a group of adolescent dinosaurs are left stranded mid-migration, it may seem like dinosaurs weren’t the most responsible parents. Though fiction, the basis for this narrative isn’t too far off from reality. Many species of reptiles bury their eggs and keep on moving, leaving their newly-hatched offspring alone against the elements. This is a tricky process. Between predators and the natural hazards of weather and the environment, many of the infantile animals won’t survive to adulthood. It was thought for many years that dinosaurs practiced a similar strategy when spawning children. But thanks to the Oviraptor, scientists now know better. Found fossilized atop a nest of eggs, it was originally believed that the oviraptor, which means “egg thief” in Latin, preyed on the collection for sustenance. However, as more species were found in similar positions, it became apparent that the dinosaur was actually guarding their young, similar to modern birds and crocodiles!