Dark Matter Might Leave Holes in Objects and People

Date: 2020-03-09 03:00:01


The Universe has countless mysteries. And dark matter is one of the biggest of them. Even the name suggests that it’s something strange — and it is. Scientists have long been hunting for this elusive thing, and they’ve made some disturbing discoveries about it.

But what’s the matter with dark matter? The answer is both very simple and very complicated. The easiest explanation is that dark matter is actually all around us. We just can’t see it. Physicists Glenn Starkman and Jagjit Singh Sidhu have come up with a revolutionary question: what if we could use humans as indicators of dark matter? In their study, they want to prove that extremely large particles not only exist but also interact with our world…

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What dark matter is 0:25
Extra-large particles 2:03
Dark matter bullet 3:13
What can prove the existence of dark matter 4:12
Can our planet collide with one of such particles? 5:45

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– There are stars, planets, black holes, and other celestial bodies; then there’s cosmic dust; and then again, there’s an enormous pool of, well, nothing.
– But there must be something there, in that nothingness, because there’s gravity coming seemingly out of nowhere. And that something is probably dark matter.
– Glenn Starkman and Jagjit Singh Sidhu from Case Western Reserve University have come up with an outrageous yet revolutionary question: what if we could use humans as indicators of dark matter?
– What the researchers are trying to prove is that extra large particles (they call them “macros”) can really be out there.
– A speeding bullet made of this substance would definitely interact with the rest of the world, so the scientists decided to locate the places such interactions could take place.
– The researchers studied medical and forensic documents they could get their hands on in search for such unexplained cases.
– Unfortunately, they couldn’t find any proof that people really got in the way of a dark matter particle flying by.
– The search for super-large dark matter continues, but now the researchers have switched from using humans as detectors to locating traces of it on more permanent surfaces — stone, for example.
– Scientists found out that dark matter forms extremely long streams throughout the Universe, and they crisscross our own galaxy as well.
– We’re surrounded by an unbelievable amount of dark matter, but it’s all too far away for us to notice it in any way.
– There’s another invisible force: dark energy. You can’t see or touch it, and no equipment is able to detect it — just the same as with dark matter.
– If dark energy exists, it can create a sort of a counterweight to all the gravity made by planets, stars, black holes, and other objects.

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