CREEPIEST Abandoned Places

Date: 2019-07-25 12:45:01


Deserted locations around the world that will make your skin crawl! From an old church populated by tangible ghosts to a prison of unspeakable suffering.

#10 Kolmanskop
Once a rich diamond field in the Namib desert of Southern Namibia, the town of Kolmanskop is now a half-submerged shadow of the past. Originally settled by the German Empire in the early 20th century upon the discovery of the region’s hidden riches. After the depletion of the town’s surrounding resources, though, the majority moved on to another diamond deposit 167 miles south of the town. Over time, Kolmanskop would transform into a ghost town, with mounds of sand naturally overtaking various buildings and giving the place an aura of ruins lost to time.
#9 Valley of the Mills
The coastal town of Sorrento, Italy is home to an emerald green valley known as the Vallone dei Mulini, or the Valley of the Mills. This gorgeous attraction draws visitors for its majestic view of the valley’s luscious ferns and the unique plants that grow among them. But this destination boasts more than pretty plants. Flour and saw mills once called this valley home, with these multi-story stone structures dating back as far as the 13th century. The valley supplied Sorrento with ground grains and sawn wood for decades until the nearby central square of Piazza Tasso was erected, drawing business away from the mills. The buildings of the valley were closed and abandoned by 1940, allowing nature to take over. Now these haunting stone edifices look like the remains of a lost jungle temple among the foliage, enticing visitors with a foreboding sense of mystery.
#8 Maunsell Sea Forts
Isolated in the estuaries surrounding the United Kingdom are a series of sea-bound towers that were at one time meant to help defend the nation against foreign attack. But after the late 1950s, these stalwart forts were decommissioned from military use. Since then, the Maunsell Forts have hosted a number of odd visitors including the founders of a micronation called Sealand and a variety of pirate radio stations. In an attempt to commemorate these unlicensed stations of the past, one station named Red Sands Radio attempted to take up residence at a series of forts of the same name. But after just two summers here, Red Sands Radio was shut down amid safety concerns. Only a few of the forts across the UK remain, as many have been demolished due to instability. Those still standing are considered a hazard to board structurally, but perhaps more frightening is the mystery of what could be lurking among these steel citadels.