Creatures With The Most Powerful Venom

Date: 2019-06-27 13:15:00


Animals with the strongest venom in the world! From the grinding, grooved bite of an American monster to the flashing blue lights of an underwater terror.

#10 Cone Snail
Making their homes in ornate shells shaped similar to their namesake, the various types of cone snails that roam the ocean are incredibly venomous. With a harpoon-like, chitinous tooth that shoots out from its underside, the cone snail can deliver neurotoxins guaranteed to immobilize prey. But while humans may be too large for the snail to hunt, these attractive sea critters are just as dangerous to us. Symptoms associated with the cone snails sting include pain, swelling, vomiting and even muscle paralysis, blurred vision, and lethal respiratory failure.
#9 Solenodon
Resembling a large, long-nosed shrew, the endangered Solenodon is one of few existing venomous mammals. Variations of this critter exist in the caribbean among island nations like Cuba, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic. A nocturnal animal, the solenodon is rarely seen by people, but should you come across one, be sure to keep your distance. The submaxillary gland in this animal’s jaw provides a toxic secretion that they may inject by way of their lower incisors. While only proving deadly to mice in testing, the venom crafted by solenodons is said to resemble the neurotoxic properties of some snakes and has even resulted in symptoms like convulsions, difficulty breathing, and paralysis. Despite this handy defense mechanism, though, solenodons are close to extinction and have already been mistakenly thought as such multiple times throughout history.