CRAZIEST Zoo Stories!

Date: 2019-11-07 13:15:01


The world’s wildest zoo encounters! From out of control visitors to escaped animals.

#9 Serpentine Escape
In 2011, an Egyptian Cobra somehow escaped captivity at the Bronx Zoo, sending zoo workers into a panic…and the internet abuzz. For six days, the venomous snake remained free and at large as employees of the zoo frantically searched for the escapee. Meanwhile, as word of the incident reached the masses online, a parody account on Twitter named @BronxZoosCobra quickly amassed a following. It told of the snake’s supposed tour of famous New York City landmarks from a funny, first person perspective, garnering 70 thousand followers in just 48 hours! But it wasn’t until six days after vanishing that the actual Egyptian cobra was found…less than 100 feet from its cage. The jailbird had found a comfortable, cool, dark place to hide within the reptile house…despite what its Twitter account might claim.
#8 Reprogrammed Raccoon
Animals are intelligent creatures and sometimes it doesn’t take much to train them to engage in certain behaviors…for better or worse. One example of this occurred in 2017 at a petting zoo in Moscow called “Animals Aren’t Toys”. Tomas the raccoon had been rented out by an advertising firm named Art-Msk for a television ad in which they taught the creature to run off with a woman’s bra. As part of the shoot, he was also held close to a woman’s bare chest throughout the ordeal. When he returned to the zoo, the staff realized something was different with the raccoon. Tomas exhibited a grumpy attitude, but perked up and hastily went after guests at the petting zoo whenever he spotted a woman’s bosom! Animals Aren’t Toys didn’t stand for this and actively sought legal action against Art-Msk, claiming the raccoon’s time with the company had turned him into an intrusive ruffian and inconvenience for their guests. In addition, the petting zoo claimed that the photos of Tomas with the scantily clad actress “caused damage to the raccoon population”! The advertising firm found the allegations to be “absurd” and jokingly responded that they would counter the charges with their own lawsuit seeking compensation for the undergarments Tomas chewed throughout the video shoot. The raccoon eventually made a full recovery from this “traumatizing” experience, however the most recent reports state that the petting zoo was still pursuing legal action.