Could We Survive Super Hot Days and Cold Nights?

Date: 2020-12-21 03:11:18


Hey, welcome to Earth, 2050! You’re living in a world after the Great Temperature Shift of 2020. Days are as hot as they can be, and nights are just as cold. Humans have always depended on the environment, but now they’re more vulnerable than ever. They learned to deal with extreme cold and extreme heat. You don’t remember the world that used to be because you were born in the new climatic era.

People don’t vacation to the beach anymore because the climate is pretty much the same everywhere. That, and you can’t fly anywhere. Air travel is a thing of the past since planes can’t take off in 100° weather. High heat means air is thinner, so the wings can’t produce lift. At least, that’s what your grandad told you – he was a pilot in the times before the Shift. Skiing, ice skating, and snowboarding are now done only at indoor artificial snow resorts. Skyscrapers are no more, and everything runs on solar power…


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